GreatCarve Material Assessment
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GreatCarve Material Assessment

For a month now I have been investigating and evaluating a sample kit from GreatCarve, which includes several different Scratch Acrylic panels, some metal Business Cards, and some 2 Tone Leather panels.

I have realized that these materials are truly unique and game changing.

Having spent the last 4 years working with a whole host of conventional engraving materials, like hard wood, plywood, canvas, glass, stainless steel, mirrors, ceramic tiles, denim, etc., and with a good deal of success, I discovered that the ability to burn 2 tone engravings, combining Silver, Gold and Rose Gold, with Black and Brown has added a whole new dimension to my Art of Laser Engraving.

The Gold/BIack and Silver/BIack Acrylic

sheets have allowed me to produce some memorable engravings, like these below.

Many ancient images, from several cultural heritages, like the Vikings, Egyptian, Aztec/ Mayan, Chinese and European histories, take on eminent esteem when rendered in Gold, or Silver. It adds a unique quality to the image when portrayed with a precious metal.

Scratch Acrylic

Similarly, when black aluminium Business Cards are engraved, silver is added to the depiction of the image, which gives it extra punch and impression.

Even though the images are relative small, this material enables very fine detail to be engraved. Very striking Black and Silver images can be created.

Scratch Acrylic

The 2 Tone Leather panels, in Black/GoId, Black/SiIver, Brown/GoId, Brown/SiIver, and Blue/SiIver, allow a creative engraver to augment a traditional design with precious metals.

This can add amazing distinction to an already significant design, in a soft material, like this Dragon enclosong a Golden Tree of Life.

I thoroughly enjoyed working with these remarkable materials, and would highly recommend them to any engraver that wants to elevate their creations to a higher level.

Scratch Acrylic - Silver/Black:
Scratch Acrylic - Golden/Black:
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Scratch Leather - Brown/GoId:
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