GreatCarve laser cutting customized kit

3pcs Scratch Acrylic & 1pc Scratch Leather in One Kit

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GreatCarve laser cutting customized kit

GreatCarve laser cutting customized kit

Product description
Product Feature

3pcs Scratch Acrylic & 1pc Scratch Leather in One Kit,

This package includes mirrored silver and gold and rose gold coated surfaces, and 1pc of scratched leather!
This package is perfect for cutting gifts, ornaments, jewelry and more!
Use your creativity to diy

Size of Scratch Acrylic: 11.8" x 9.45" x 0.05"
Available Color: Gold / Black, Silver / Black , Rose Gold / Black .
Size of Scratch Leather: 10" x 11"
Available Color:Tiffany Blue / Black, Venice Purple / Black, Yellow / Black, Orange / Black.

Laser Engrave Acrylic:
Laser engrave acrylic offers a crisp, clean image and ultra-fine laser lettering, with a durable surface that resists fingerprints.
Laser Engrave Leather:
It is made of high quality PU leather, which is strong, soft, waterproof and durable and will not peel or blister. These sheets can be easily cleaned with a damp cloth. All selected materials are tested in our lab for application performance to provide you with a quality product you can trust.

This product could be compatible with all engraving machines

How to store laser materials correctly?

The panels should be stored horizontally and flat.

The storage location should be dry and weatherproof (indoor).

Average-temperature rooms without large fluctuations in room temperature and air humidity.

The material should not be exposed to direct sunlight, as the protective film can become porous if too much heat is generated.

Too long storage can have a negative effect on the protective film.

How do I reduce the dust generated during engraving or cutting?

It is recommended to set the parameters to engrave effectively through the color surface while only as little as possible is removed from the core material. Also, using a vacuum table and exhaust system to remove the dust generated effectively.

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