diy laser enclosure
diy laser enclosure

Enclosure-Shield 1

Omni-directional visualization laser enclosure for enjoy engraving

laser enclosure
laser enclosure

Simple installation for full protection

Reviews On Enclosure-Shield 1

Most simplified laser enclosure

Fits most models on the market

GreatCarve Laser Enclosure

Incomparable Protectiveness
laser enclosures - Anit-Blu-Ray


360° wide field of vision
7-piece wrap-around acrylic protection
Filtering light in180nm-534nm band

laser enclosures - Smoke Insulation

Smoke Insulation

Reserved apertures
Precise control of airflow
Effective exhaust smoke and dust

laser enclosures - Noise Reduction

Noise Reduction

Reduced by about 50 percent
Enjoy a quiet environment for creations
Decrease in dB from 75 to 40

Ports & air flow augmentation

1 Left and right side panel ports for air flow and management cables.
2 Air outlet ports to support 10cm ducting
diy laser enclosure
diy laser enclosure

Reserved Apertures & Airflow Enhancements

A:Both left and right sides have reserved cutout spaces for airflow control and cable management.
B:Supports air outlets for 10 cm pipes

laser engraver enclosure -size
laser engraver enclosure - size

Dimensions & Weight

Shield 1 can be adapted to most diode lasers on the market

30 cm height, leaving enough space for rotary and other accessories.

Net weight 17.64 lbs, 24.25 lbs with packaging.

laser engraver enclosure

Easy Shield Easy Safe

Shield 1 Laser Enclosure

Increasingly carvers are easily use their laser machines along with the protection of the Shield 1 to get their creativity!

Odor isolation
Anti-Blue Light
Safe And Stable
Sound Insulation

Sales price $ 299