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hello, I'm Julien.
I discovered laser cutting more than a year ago, it was my birthday present from my wife, I have also been doing 3d printing for 4 years, they are two complementary things. I create files for laser cutting, I also like to engrave the cardboard canvas that I have painted before.

Experience & Recommendations

Scratch Acrylic

In my laser adventure I test and discover a lot of materials. I was lucky enough to be able to try scratch acrylic. I fell in love with this material. this is engraved at low power even a low power laser adaptable to a 3d printer will have the same engraving possibilities. the details obtained are incredible, the colors are sublime and finally the cutting is easy.

Scratch Leather

Lately I have been able to use scratch leather. This material further broadens the possibilities of personalizing clothing, of being able to make leather goods, and this easily.
I still have to make a lot of progress with synthetic leather but it's not insurmountable


On tiktok, I present my creations, my tests with the parameters (adapted to my laser which gives an
approximate basis for starting your own tests).
But on Facebook, it's easily to contact me, if I Can help you, in my limites 😁
GreatCarve materials are of very good quality and suitable for any possible use with their laser.

Recommended Products

Scratch Acrylic

Purchase through this link for a quick look at all scratch acrylics

Available in 16 colors for all laser machines (Diode, Fiber, CO2)

Size: 11.8 x 9.24 inches

Scratch Leather

Purchase through this link for a quick look at all Scratch Leather

there are two- layer PU leather and 15 colors could be choosen

Size: 10 x 11 inch

Artwork show

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