EB3D Customs

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Good day, This is Everett Bennett with EB3D CUSTOMS.
My experience with GreatCarve materials has really helped take my laser art to a whole new level. The materials really make it fast and easy to get extraordinary details.

Experience & Recommendations

Scratch Leather

The scratch leather is a great material as well. It is a high contrast material like the acrylics but with so many options! I have made anything from leather keychians to awesome wall art with this scratch leather and can't wait to keep making new items.

Scratch Acrylic

The scratch acrylic is my personal favorite. I can quickly tune images for the laser and get fantastic details, and contrast every time consistently (unlike wood where you are fighting knots and woodgrain). It also cuts smooth with a 10w diode in one pass.

Recommended Products

Scratch Acrylic

Purchase through this link for a quick look at all scratch acrylics

Available in 16 colors for all laser machines (Diode, Fiber, CO2)

Size: 11.8 x 9.24 inches

Scratch Leather

Purchase through this link for a quick look at all Scratch Leather

there are two- layer PU leather and 15 colors could be choosen
Size: 10 x 11 inch

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