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Brief Biography.
Meet Mikk Towers , a septuagenarian artist with a passion that has spanned a lifetime.
Starting in 1 963, he pursued his love for art, eventually graduating from the University of London, St. Mary's College, in 1968. Ten years later he graduated in Design Technology from the University of Middlesex. He then ventured into the world of computer science, and obtained a Masters Degree in Artificial Intelligence from the University of Essex in 1977. In 1992 he returned to teaching, both art and computer science, in various countries, including Singapore, The Bahamas, Thailand, the UK, and Malaysia.
In 2010, Mikk retired to Penang, Malaysia, reigniting his artistic spark.

Laser Engraving Experience.
4 years ago, in 2020, he purchased his first diode laser machine, an ORT UR LM21-4, and so started his journey in this very symbiotic
collaboration between art and computer technology, for which he was perfectly qualified and experienced.
He now has 7 diode lasers, ranging from 5.5W to 20W, and has mastered the skills to engrave on wood, canvas, ceramic tiles, glass, mirrors, denim, stainless steel, and recently with various scratch materials from GreatCarve. Even chicken egg shells.
He posts his work on over 15 Facebook groups, where he tries to share his knowledge and successful engraving techniques with as many other users as possible.
He has recently been introduced to some new laminated scratch acrylic and leather materials, designed specifically for the laser engraving technology by a company called GreatCarve.

Experience & Recommendations

Scratch Leather

The 2 Tone Leather panels, in Black/GoId, Black/SiIver, Brown/GoId, Brown/SiIver, and Blue/SiIver, allow a creative engraver to augment a traditional design with precious metals.

This can add amazing distinction to an already significant design, in a soft material, like this Dragon enclosong a Golden Tree of Life.

Scratch Acrylic

Even though the images are relative small, this material enables very fine detail to be engraved. Very striking Black and Silver images can be created.

Recommended Products

Scratch Acrylic

Purchase through this link for a quick look at all scratch acrylics

Available in 16 colors for all laser machines (Diode, Fiber, CO2)

Size: 11.8 x 9.24 inches

Scratch Leather

Purchase through this link for a quick look at all Scratch Leather

there are two- layer PU leather and 15 colors could be choosen

Size: 10 x 11 inch

Artwork show